Committee Members

Gurmit Singh Randhawa MBE

Chairman & Director of Legal Affairs & Policy

Tel: 07-9717-01791

Gurmit Singh Randhawa was born in Punjab and after graduating with BA Hons. & MA from Khalsa College Amritsar, come to UK and obtained further qualifications of MSc Econ. from University of Wales and L LB (London) Mr Randhawa then practised Law as a solicitor and Notary Public. During this time Mr Randhawa sat as a member of Social Security Appeal Tribunals and as Chairman of Child Support Appeal Trubunals. After retirement from active employment In or around 2000, Mr Randhawa moved on to take control of family's property business and helping the community in various ways. Mr Randhawa's work for the community was recognised by the award of MBE in the Queens 2018 New Year Honours list.

Gurwinder Singh

Secretary & Director of Education & Literature

Tel: 07-5339-37257

Mr. Gurwinder Singh is from Punjab and is by profession a religious teacher and after teaching Sikhism to students for many years moved to UK and settled in Wales. In his spare time Mr Singh helps in the local Gurdwara where for the past many years he is doing the Sewa as General Secretary and also appears regularly on Sikh TV's as presenter and as journalist from time to time.

Balbir Singh Johal

Treasurer & Director of Finance & Human Resource

Tel: 07-9309-12727

Balbir Singh is born as Sikh and has practised Sikhism as Granthi and Parchark for seven years. Successful businessman and has done sewa as Mukhtiar - Sewadar in the local Gurdwara. Always eager and willing to help local community and to stand and defend Sikh Cronicals by actively and to stand and defend Sikh principles and sikhi Reht.

Joga Singh

Director of Strategy & Communications

Tel: 07-4256-29544

Joga Singh is Cardiff born and bred. He has held the committee role of General Secretary at the Gurdwara. He has helped organise various religious, educational, and cultural events for members of the Sangat, along with external organisations, such as the Glamorgan Cricket Club, South Wales Police and the Welsh Ambulance Service.

Sangat Singh Garib

Director of Ethics & Religious Studies

Tel: 07-9774-31281

Successful businessman running a family business for many years. Active in Community matters and always take part in social, cultural and religious functions. Currently doing Sewa at Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara, Copper Street, Cardiff as General Secretary.

Kuldip Singh Padda

Director of Programmes & Events

Tel: 07-5908-21920

Kuldip Singh is born in a Sikh family and has practised Sikhi Rehit, by profession Kuldip is a successful businessman and entrepreneur and dedicated completely to Sikh way of life whilst living in a remote area of Wales where Sikhs are very few indeed to be noticeable.

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